Our People
Our People

Valuing our Employees

We dedicate ourselves daily to establishing and maintaining a work environment that not only encourages, but inspires.

We believe that an engaging, motivating and enriching professional environment is fundamental to promoting excellence in all spheres of our operations. We seek to encourage the professional growth of each member of our teams, as well as their personal enrichment and fulfillment.

The dedication and commitment of our employees form the foundations on which we build our vision.

From the beginning, we cultivated a local employer identity, which creates a **strong connection with the population**.


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Successful trainees who join the company and stay on

From the beginning, we cultivated a local employer identity, which creates a strong connection with the population.

I've been working in this group for 20 years and I feel like I'm part of the family. The principles by which they are governed are differentiating. The fact that there is equality between everyone and opportunities captivates working at Ambigroup.

Carina Granja

Management Control
Trust, Sustainability, Responsibility, Innovation

Why Ambigroup

Trust, Sustainability, Responsibility, Innovation

We invest in promoting personal and professional development through continuous training tailored to the needs of each employee. Innovation is born of talent, built by everyone. The best ideas come about through teamwork, where everyone has the freedom to demonstrate their creativity.

Our People

Portraits of our people

Our success is made up of people who have helped us build stories for over 40 years. Each person and each story is a foundation that consolidates the Ambigroup of today and drives the Ambigroup of tomorrow.

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